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ICC Arbitration Tribunal Rules in Favor of Firm’s Client

An International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitration tribunal, seated in Singapore, has issued a partial award in an international arbitration proceeding on behalf of the Wisconsin-based client of Alan Anderson Law Firm. The tribunal’s partial award found the two respondents (the parent and its wholly-owned subsidiary) liable for breaches of a distribution agreement and awarded the firm’s client about US$250,000 in damages, including pre-award interest. The tribunal also awarded the client its attorneys’ fees and costs, in an amount still to be determined. The arbitration was commenced in mid-2019 against two entities based in the United Arab Emirates and India. A virtual hearing, with witnesses, was held over several days in late July 2020. Alan M. Anderson was lead counsel for the firm’s client, along with associate L. Reagan Florence. Anderson and Florence are a Fellow and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, respectively.

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