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Anderson Law Firm Obtains Victory in AAA Arbitration Proceeding

Alan Anderson Law Firm has obtained a final award in an arbitration proceeding held under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association. After a multi-day virtual hearing that featured over fifteen witnesses, the arbitral tribunal ruled entirely on behalf of the firm’s Utah-based client, who was the claimant. The tribunal awarded about a quarter-million dollars in damages as well as a permanent injunction in a dispute arising out of the use of proprietary information by several independent contractors after they ceased working for the firm’s client, in violation of the terms of their contracts. The damages awarded included punitive damages and the costs of the arbitration. The proceeding was conducted on an expedited basis and completed six months after the arbitration was commenced. During the course of the arbitration, the law firm successfully petitioned the appropriate state court in Utah to confirm the tribunal’s jurisdiction over the respondents, received awards of attorneys’ fees against the respondents from both the state court and the arbitral tribunal, and obtained temporary and preliminary injunctive relief from an emergency arbitrator, which was confirmed by the state court. Alan M. Anderson was lead counsel for the firm’s client, ably assisted by L. Reagan Florence, who did yeoman’s work throughout the proceedings.




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